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Leading National Machine Tool Accessories and Automation Provider

ATS Systems provides machine tool accessories, engineering, and automation delivering reliable solutions with unwavering support that increase manufacturing productivity and throughput leading to profitable results

"ATS’s quality and breadth of products sets them far apart from other providers and their service expertise is unbeatable.“
Gerald Hirschler - Hirschler Mfg. - President


Bringing Our Products & Services Together To Increase Shop Productivity


Robotic Cell Integrations

Automation through robotic cells in CNC machining delivers unparalleled precision, consistency, and efficiency, transforming the way we produce. Adopting automation and robotic cells is not just about staying competitive, it's about setting new standards, pushing boundaries, and redefining what's possible in manufacturing.

Precision at Its Peak: With automation, the margin for error narrows down significantly. Robots don't get tired or distracted, ensuring every cut is as perfect as the last.

Speed and Efficiency: Robotic cells work tirelessly, meaning production lines never have to stop. This leads to higher throughput and the ability to meet demand spikes without breaking a sweat.

Cost Reduction: Over time, the initial investment in automation pays off. Reduced labor costs, along with lower waste and energy consumption, contribute to a healthier bottom line.

Flexibility: Automated systems can be reprogrammed and adapted for different tasks, making them perfect for custom jobs and short runs.


Bar Feed Systems

A bar feed system by ATS Systems is an investment in efficiency. Why stop working to feed bar stock by hand? Waste is a thief, and time is what it steals the most of. Contact us for a full consultation, and you'll see the potential.

Transform Your Machine Shop with an ATS Systems Bar Feeder!

Efficiency Boost: No more manual loading! Your machines work smarter, not harder.

Precision and Productivity: Achieve unparalleled precision with every cut and increase your shop's output.

Cost Savings: Reduce labor costs and material waste! ATS Bar feeders optimize material usage and minimize the need for operator intervention, allowing your team to focus on more critical tasks.

Scalability: Ready to take on more complex projects or increase production? A bar feeder is your first step towards scaling up your operations without the need for significant additional labor.

Investing in an ATS Systems bar feeder is not just purchasing equipment; it's investing in your shop’s ability to stay competitive!


Coolant Management

At ATS Systems, we understand the importance of optimal machine performance and the role coolant management plays in achieving it. That's why we're proud to offer comprehensive Coolant Management Solutions designed to keep your operations efficient, reliable, and ahead of the competition.

Filtration Systems: Ensure clean, contaminant-free coolant, extending tool life and improving product quality.

High-Pressure Coolant Systems: Boost your machining efficiency, significantly reduce cycle times, and improve surface finish.

Mist Collection: Protect your workforce and comply with health and safety regulations with effective mist collection systems.

Chillers: Maintain optimal temperature control for your machining processes, preventing thermal distortion to ensure precision.

Sludge Vacuum Systems: Quickly remove sludge and debris, keeping your coolant system clean and reducing maintenance downtime.

Tramp Oil Removal: Keep your coolant system functioning efficiently with tramp oil removal solutions, extending coolant life and reducing disposal costs.

Advanced Fluids: Utilize specially formulated fluids for enhanced performance and increased tool life.

With ATS Systems, you're investing in the longevity and efficiency of your machines, reducing costs, improving machining quality, and ensuring a safer, cleaner working environment.


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