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Robotic Cells

Xcelerate Robotic Automation Machine System


In today’s highly competitive search for talent, automation can fill that gap. ATS offers world-class robotic solutions to keep your spindles running without the worry of uncertainty in the workforce.

  • User-friendly controls 
  • Changeover can happen in less than 10 minutes
  • Modular design with a small footprint
  • Built-in pallet system maximizing spindle uptime



Automation makes any process more efficient, and the Xcelerate system can improve efficiency and save time to a degree you might not have thought possible.


Robotic Arm Controls

No programming knowledge required. No new expert personnel needed.

Why should a robot be any harder to operate than your mobile phone? Indeed, it shouldn’t. And with Xcelerate, it won’t. The Xcelerate is also equipped with a floor scanner, which pauses operations whenever a person enters its workspace. This way, safe operation is assured.


A Gentle Colleague Who Always Has Your Employees' Security At Heart

As a supporting robot, Xcelerate often works alongside humans. This raises the demand of perfect safety. Xcelerate is equipped with a first-class floorscanner, which is at all times connected to the Fanuc software. Never will the robot suddenly budge when people are in its presence.


Xcelerate Shifts Your Profit To The Next Gear

When you opt for automation, it is no secret that the aim is to increase your profits. And with Xcelerate, profits will certainly increase – even when you have yet to take your first steps into the world of unmanned production. Today, profitable automation lies within reach for almost the entire machining industry.



How it works

Xcelerate sets the standard in flexible automation with its compact size, user-friendly controls and movable construction. It was never easier to reap the benefits of unmanned production on your shop floor. As a result, Xcelerate earns itself back 1.5 to 2 times faster than any competing automation system. In a time where quality staff is scarce: Xcelerate is your ideal co-worker.

Is Xcelerate suitable for 24/7 production?

Many compact automation systems offer little storage capacity, making them unsuitable for 24/7 production. Not in the case of Xcelerate. Its motorized drawers open so fluently that workpieces of diverse sizes and shapes can be stacked together in our smart inlays. This results in the highest storage capacity available, making Xcelerate the only automation system of its kind suitable for production up to 24 hours a day. This does not mean your Xcelerate needs to work around the clock to earn itself back. On average, Xcelerate reaches profitability at only 4 hours of employment per day.

How do I set up production with Xcelerate?

Xcelerate offers easy-to-use controls, enabled by dialogue control. Your own personnel can set up entire production programmes after a 1-day training. No expert needed.

Do I maintain access to my machine?

Yes, unlike enclosed automation cells, Xcelerate preserves full access to your machine. Your staff can keep a close eye on the production process.

Does Xcelerate handle pallets as well?

Yes, Xcelerate is capable of handling both products and pallets.

How much floor space does Xcelerate require?

Xcelerate doesn’t need a lot of floor space to do its job; 0.9 m2 (X10) and 1.4 m2 (X20-X35). Its tall build and sturdy three-point frame provide a compact yet rock-solid construction. Also, you don’t have to rebuild your factory floor to profit from automation. In almost any case, your Xcelerate can be deployed in the exact current factory situation.

Can I move my Xcelerate for a job at another machine?

Yes, because the entire cell is built within a single frame with no loose components, it offers the valuable benefit of mobility. The entire system can be moved for a job at another machine in less than 10 minutes.

How does Xcelerate increase my profits?

Xcelerate increases your profits in three ways: by raising hourly production, minimizing personnel wages and enabling you to produce around the clock instead of just 8 hours per day. Xcelerate earns itself back 1.5 to 2 times faster than any competing automation system.