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CoolVac® Chip and Sludge Vacuum 

During the manufacturing process, tiny particles are produced which can accumulate in the coolant, act as an abrasive, and reduce the lifespan of the tool. As a result, the operators need to frequently replace the coolant with new and clean fluid and dispose of any debris, chips, or sludge. The CoolVac chip and sludge vacuum is a practical solution to this machining problem.

  • Double diaphragm pneumatic pump (air-actuated pump) – No electricity is required
  • Portable to meet all machine maintenance needs
  • Removes chips, and sludge (Aluminum, Copper, Iron, Brass, Steel, Plastic, Grinding etc.)
  • Bottom fine chips, bottom sediment, surface debris, and other deposits can be quickly processed
  • Capable of tackling water-soluble coolant and cutting oil machining with all types of materials