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  • Low cost, efficient, stand-alone media free filtration provides
    20 gpm / 75 lpm continuous filtering of your entire machine tool coolant supply

  • Can be installed on any machine to solve tough filtration problems.
  • Small footprint: 16” x 22” / 406 mm x 559 mm

Recommended applications:

  • Mills
  • Lathes
  • Grinders
  • Water-soluble coolant only


Comat  Key Advantages:

  • Higher and more consistent quality of machined workpieces
  • Stability of working conditions of cutting fluid
  • Increased lifetime of grinding wheels and cutting tools
  • Increased lifetime of machines
  • Increase speeds & feeds
  • Easier recovery and recycling of valuable materials
  • Up to 60% less energy used over competitors 
  • Deep automation with zero downtime for ordinary maintenance
  • Leading edge OS with remote management
  • Healthy and eco-friendly




Available Models

Precision Machining

  • Model 1F06EU for 1 machine
  • Model 1F14EU - 16 for 1-2 machines
  • Model 1F25EU - 16 for 3-4 machines
  • Model 2F25EU - 16 for 5-6 machines
  • Model 3F25EU - 16 for 8-9 machines
  • Model 4 F25EU-16 for 10-12 machines

Automatic Lathes

  • Model 1F14TA for up to 7-8 automatic lathes
  • Model 1F25TA for up to 12-15 automatic lathes
  • Model 2F25TA for up to 20 automatic lathes
  • Model 3F25TA for up to 25 automatic lathes
CoolMag: The industry's most effective magnetic filtration!
    • Drastically reduce your tank cleaning time

    • Dramatically improve your coolant filtration
    • Provide filtered coolant, automatically, all of the time
    • Eliminate or reduce the use of filter bags and cartridge


    • Patented design and unique flow path provide coolant quality to 5 microns
    • Compact durable design
    • Most powerful rare earth magnet (9,000 gauss)
    • Fully adjustable automatic purge cycle
    • No mechanical scrappers or items that need routine maintenance
    • Can be sized to handle any flow potential
    • Complete packages available for tank cleaning, fluid circuit filtering, high pressure coolant pre-filtering and much, much more
 MistBuster Advantages:
  • Smoke and mist are byproducts of metalworking when a fluid coolant is present, as it is in most machining applications. The heat produced by metal cutting metal vaporizes water particles, creating mist, and smoke is produced as the surface layers of material heats to sufficient temperature.

    The MistBuster® is a compact, powerful electrostatic precipitator, made to clean the exhaust of metalworking machines. They are ideal for use with mills, lathes and other machines found in the typical shop. The MistBuster® System offers multiple installation configurations to minimize the amount of space required. The MistBuster® can be mounted on top of the machine.

MistBuster Air Cleaner Specs

Part #
Airflow 50-850
Motor 115V, 1-ph, 3amps 
(in.) 25" x 13.5" x 29" H
Weight 91 lbs.
Noise Level 70 dbA
Intake Opening  6 inch