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CJ high pressure (13)

Increase Throughput by 30% With CoolJet High-Pressure Coolant Systems!

The CoolJet system utilizes state-of-the-art technology helping customers keep their spindles running and profits flowing!

  • Increase speeds and feeds by 20% or more
  • Increase coolant life and protect your machine tool with superior filtration
  • Increase tool life 3x to 10x
  • Smaller space saving design and footprint than our competitors
  • Modular design allows unit build flexibility that can’t be matched by our competitors
  • Easy to maintain - no tools needed, or down-time required for filter changes

   Improve chip management and productivity

CoolJet UltraFlex®

The CoolJet UltraFlex® is the perfect high-pressure coolant system for your machine tool. The UltraFlex® can be ordered with fixed or automatic variable volume, and single or variable pressure settings. The UltraFlex® has two high-pressure outlets as a standard with up to 8 available, with a range of 300 psi to 3000 psi (20 Bar to 210 Bar) of pressure. The UltraFlex® System will increase your facility's productivity.

Standard features of the UltraFlex® high-pressure coolant system include an onboard feeder pump, a large color touchscreen operator display, quad high-capacity quick-change 10-micron filters, interface cables, and hoses, and can be built for 240 volt or 480-volt power sources.

You can configure your  UltraFlex® unit filtration and add unit integrated accessories like a 36,000 BTU Chiller, 850 CFM mist / smoke collector, and oil skimmer



FULLY MODULAR - "Have it Your Way"

The most versatile and innovative high-pressure coolant system on the market. Available in fixed and variable flows.



Flow: Fixed & Variable model

Pressure: Single & Variable pressure - 300 PSI - 3000 PSI / 20 Bar - 210 Bar

Outlets: Two high pressure outlets standard, (up to 8 outlets available)

Reservoir: 65gal / 250L Clean Tank

Standard Features:

  • On-board Grunfos feeder pump
  • Innovative color touchscreen operator display
  • Quad high-capacity quick change 10-micron filters
  • Built to requested voltage - 240 / 460
  • Interface cables and hoses to 20'
  • Compact footprint - 24" x 56" x 63” /
    609 mm x 1422 mm x 1600 mm

Unit Options:

  • Media Free filtration:
    • Filters all of the machine coolant continuously
    • Filter circulation flow 20gpm / 75lpm; 98% effective filtering to 5 micron
  • Unit mounted and integrated 36,000 BTU chiller
  • Unit mounted and integrated variable 850 CFM mist/smoke collector
  • Unit mounted and integrated oil skimmer

Recommended applications:

  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Turning
  • Grinding

Increase Your Bottom Line With High-Pressure Coolant Systems

CJ high pressure (12)(1)
  • High-Pressure Coolant Advantages
    • Increases coolant life

    • Improved chip management & tool life
    • Increase speeds & feeds.
    • Improved part finishes

    Standard Features:

    • 9.5 gpm / 36 lpm fixed flow
    • Single outlet
    • Dual parallel 10 micron bag filtration
    • Footprint: W - 24” x L - 32” x H - 35”
      W - 610 mm x L - 812 mm x H - 889 mm
    • Power to Spec — 230v / 460v / 400v KVA – 5.9

    Unit Options:

    - Ethernet IP Machine Interface available